• Project name: HempClub
  • Website: www.hempclubproject.com
  • Interest areas: Hemp
  • Start date: 10.01.2021
  • Project status: Active

The international project Competent and Connected Clusters Unfold the Hemp Industry Potential for the European Bioeconomy (HempCluB) brings together 7 clusters and associations active in the primary hemp production, bioeconomy, mechatronics and green chemistry sectors from Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Austria and Portugal. The two-year project is implemented between February 2022 and January 2024 and is coordinated by the Italian Lombardy Green Chemistry Association (LGCA).

The HempClub project aims to develop the potential of hemp in the European Union by creating value chains for biotechnological applications and promoting new business opportunities for primary producers and biochemical companies.

It helps to improve the performance of the organisations involved by encouraging collaboration, developing common strategies and identifying innovative inter-regional investments. The project includes training and workshops to develop the management skills of cluster staff and the professional competences of cluster members. ClusterXchange, i.e. short-term international exchanges through mutual learning and networking between SMEs and other stakeholders, further facilitates the development of the whole sector and the emergence of follow-up partnership projects.

The project is co-funded by the EU COSME programme.