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Let's connect for a better and more sustainable world with cannabis

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We are a community of people united by a desire to influence the world to a healthier and more sustainable place for all. We work together to develop and disseminate sustainable cannabis-based solutions and promote innovative approaches to its use in industry, agriculture, medicine and other fields.

Take a look at the benefits of membership

Learn more about the benefits of membership and join the Hemp Cluster CzecHemp, Become part of an innovative hemp cluster that promotes business development and its benefits v této rychle rostoucí oblasti.

Industrial development

Actively participate in the development of cannabis research and co-creation of the cannabis industry.

Participation in projects

You can participate in grant projects within the Czech Republic and larger regions.

Know-how and contacts

Share know-how and preferred contacts with organisations that are part of the cluster.

Attendance at meetings

Attend membership meetings and co-determine the future direction of the cluster.

Discounts & consultations

Discounts on cannabis products and consulting services are available to members.

Become a member of CzecHemp

The membership fee is graded into 4 categories

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  • All the benefits of membership
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Smaller businesses

  • All the benefits of membership
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Larger businesses

  • All the benefits of membership

Public universities

  • All the benefits of membership

How does it work?

Cluster membership

Do you want to become a member of the cluster and be an active part of our community? Fill out the membership application form, send it to us at "" and get access to all member benefits and opportunities
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Statutes of the association CzecHemp

Do you want to become part of our cannabis cluster and develop your potential together with us to the maximum? Find out more about how the cluster works and the membership benefits in our current bylaws and become part of our CzecHemp community.
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