National Cluster Association membership

According to the significant help during the first year of CzecHemp’ existence and ongoing close cooperation is the NCA membership another logic step. The number of cluster members reached 15 in August 2019. CzecHemp is therefore recognized also by the Czech authorities as the
full-fledged cluster organization.
We are looking forward to further cooperating and developing!



Solution to reach the SDGs

Could Marijuana And Hemp Offer The Solution To The World's Toughest Environmental, Social, And Economic Problems? Question explained by Andre Bourque’s article.



CzecHemp – a look back at the year of activity

In May has CzecHemp completed the first year of its activity. Cluster covers in the legal and natural persons across the private and public sectors with a common interest in cooperation throughout the chain on the cultivation, processing, production and sale of technical and medical cannabis, including research projects.

CzecHemp was established within the international project DanuBioValNet, which supported the cluster partnership within the Danube region and brought in the topic of bioeconomy and supported the bio-based industries. The project was focused on 3 pillar value chains: Phyto-pharma, Eco-construction and Bio-based packaging. Thanks to the support of the National Cluster Association, Czech project partner, there was added the fourth pillar – hemp. The hemp industry binds in its value chain all 3 previous pillars and boosting it by establishing CzecHemp is one of the project’s results.

During 2018 was built the structure of the organization including the Supervisory Board, Executive Board with President Hana Gabrielová, Management and Office. CzecHemp brand was spread by the web and social networks. Cluster started work on hemp industry related projects including proposals to amend existing CZ and EU legislation. CzecHemp actively supports the UN sustainable development goals and entered the Bioeconomy Platform of the Czech Republic in July 2019. Cluster is involved in the international movement supporting hemp as the crop (not only) for the future and its members are temporarily attending international hemp conferences. The number of members is continuously increasing. CzecHemp binds the hemp industry together and is becoming an increasingly powerful player on the national and international level.



The composition of the CND for 2020 is a reason for moderate optimism

There was a last change in the list of 53 countries represented at the UN Commission for Narcotics (CND) until the session in March 2020, which will decide about the rescheduling of cannabis in UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs from 1961. Contemporary composition of CND is a reason for moderate optimism. The countries supporting the change (e.g. Uruguay, Netherlands or Canada) stayed attending and furthermore new ones entered (Jamaica or Nepal). Read more in the press release.



CzecHemp listed in “TOP bio-based products in the Danube Region“

Czech Hemp Cluster and 3 of its members are listed in the DanuBioValNet research summary catalogue as an example of the bio-based producers in the Czech Republic. To find our profile please see pages 16-17 here.



CzecHemp takes part on the Danube Phytopharma Forum in Sofia

World hemp using in phytopharmacy continuously rises. Due to its experience in this field was CzecHemp invited to the international workshop organized by the DanuBioVaNet in Sofia, Bulgaria in May, 9 - 10. The cluster will share its phytopharmacy know-how and will inform about the pluses and contras of the Czech legislation regarding the hemp industry.



CzecHemp takes part on spring events

Let us kindly invite you on the hemp-related spring events in the Czech Republic on which is CzecHemp taking part.

On Wednesday, April 17, the fifth year of the conference Cannabis and Science will take place in Brno. The event is organized by the Mendel University and St. Anna Hospital. More info.

Saturday, May 4, is a day when the Million Marihuana March (traditional parade supporting cannabis) passes through Prague. CzecHemp will inform about the wide variety of using hemp including practical example of hemp building during the afternoon happening on the Štvanice Island. Event website.



CBD products have novel food status in the EU

The Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, regarding novel food, is in force since January 2018. It deals with food products entering the common market within the tradition of using before May 1997. There is a necessity of authorisation for novel food and entering the Union List of Novel Foods. ICCI, member of the Czech Hemp Cluster, analyzed the impact of novel food legislature on hemp and products containing cannabinoids. Hemp and hemp seed were used as food traditionally but there has been no proof found for using CBD extracts and synthetic cannabinoids before 1997. Therefore is needed an authorisation for the food products based on them.



World Health Organization (WHO) statement changing the approach to cannabis

Statement of the WHO recommends rescheduling of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961) by removing cannabis from the Schedule 4 and leaving it only in the Schedule 1. Being enlisted in both Schedules means to be the subject to all measures of control applicable to drugs such as heroine. The statement is crucial for the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) which is empowered to reschedule the Convention in March 2019. In the case of rescheduling, this should change the international approach to cannabis after almost 60 Years and boost the use of cannabis in medicine.



Czechemp will present its visions, ideas and solutions for boosting the czech hemp and medical cannabis industry during the informal meeting on thursday 11/1 evening and workshop on friday 11/2 in Prague. The workshop press release will follow.



During the summer 2018 the Czech hemp cluster elected its representatives - 3 members of the Supervisory Board and 5 members of the executive board with hana gabrielova as the cluster president. The executive board started work on key projects for the sector development.



The Czech Hemp Cluster established as the voluntary association of persons in order to improve the conditions for the development of the hemp and medical cannabis industry in The Czech Republic.



The National Cluster Association (NCA) as the Czech partner of the DanuBioValNet project hosted the awareness workshop on bioeconomy and international meeting of experts in the hemp industry. The project partners stipulated the priorities leading towards a higher use of hemp as one of the strategic bioeconomic feedstocks.