APLK – Czech Association of medical cannabis growers is a voluntary, nongovernmental, non-profit organization, who’s planned or realized subject of activity is the legal growing of medical cannabis. The basic purpose of the Association is to work towards ensuring patients’ access to quality medical substance and resources made from cannabis for medicinal use in accordance with applicable legislation. APLK is as a consulting organization actively involved in cooperation with state authorities in the preparation of legislation relating to the issue of Medical Grade Cannabis. Condition for entry into APLK is executing the required qualifications of a Medical Grade Cannabis grower. The completion of the qualifications must be approved or certified by the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL).

EcoFuel Laboratories s.r.o. is a biotechnology company specializing in biorefinery processes, e.g. on the entire chain of research and use of microorganism and plant biomass for the production of natural active substances, high value compounds and 3rd generation biofuels. Its activity begins with expeditions to extreme environments of our planet and with the isolation of new production strains of microorganisms. It continues with the development of photo-bioreactors for cultivation of micro-algae, research of optimal microorganism cultivation procedures and is completed by the isolation of biotechnologically produced active substances or by extraction of these substances from plants. Within the higher plants EcoFuel is currently focused on hemp biorefinery and cannabis research and its pharmaceutical applications. From the bioactive substances obtained is subsequently developing, certifying and manufacturing effective natural active ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, as well as final consumer products.

Company grows certified hemp seeds in organic fields in cooperation with their farmers. Also has a reliable network of breeders who are the stewards of a wide variety of hemp seeds. Hempoint provides a wide array of unique hemp products, including tea, chocolate, protein powder and more. Also offers advice from the farm to the factory, from product development to branding, and from wholesale down to the retail marketplace. Hempoint’s approach has always embraced the broader goal of spreading the hemp movement as far and wide as possible through lobbying, education and networking among the unique and wonderful people of the hemp revolution.

The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI), the first Center of Excellence which identifies, coordinates and supports global research priorities for the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments through a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach that incorporates innovative tools and methods. A collaborative project of non-profit, for-profit and government institutions, ICCI is an international research and educational hub designed to meet the needs of the global market. ICCI offers an array of services that includes CRO services, agricultural sciences, product development, product safety certification, and government relations.


Institute of Social Investigative Studies is a non-profit organization established by the multidisciplinary team of specialists to centralize the European and global research and education of professionals according to the cannabinoids treatment. Purpose of the project lies in the multidisciplinary scientific cooperation collecting prooved and complex data about cannabinoids for the most effective treatment of specific diseases and as a basis for related legislation. According to its purpose the institute carries out also The Human Application Research Program (HARP) following the seven Years lasting research in cooperation with renowned medical and biomedical centers in Israel.

The aim of the association is to bring together both individuals and legal entities with the common purpose of incfluencing drug policy, focusing primarily on legalizing cannabis, cannabis products and derivates. To achieve this goal, the association performs a number of activities, which in the first place include organizing cultural, social and educational events and information campaigns, lobbying, research of the potential of cannabis as a agricultural crop, research of the safest ways of growing from a medical and ecological point of view, reducing health risks connected to using and obtaining cannabis from the black market, support of a public debate regarding the legal status of cannabis and its users, running an information portal, publishing efforts, as well as coordinating activities with individuals or groups in both the Czech Republic and abroad.


Community company of friends and professionals in the field of natural construction. It deals with trade, design, distribution, education and application of the environmental friendly natural products and construction materials. Main used product inputs are hemp and wood but also other natural materials only from the certified sources in the Czech Republic or Europe. Mabeko reflects not only the power consumption of the building itself but also the power consumption used to produce or dispose the construction material. Therefore the company prefers the natural materials and the ecological construction and technology.

Carun Pharmacy is a Czech based company which distributes worldwide a wide variety of hemp products containing the organic cannabidol (CBD). All products are manufactured under strict GMP conditions and in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union. The guarantee of quality is also the continuous availability of own hemp grown in the foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains. Products include a wide range of cosmetics, food and hemp food supplements and can be purchased at pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic and at other distributors and retailers.

Food Research Institute Prague is mostly focused in its activities on improving the level of our population and food for healthier foods offered in market. It is aimed at improving the procedures for processing food from the beginning of production to their final preparation, the development of special foods for groups of people with extraordinary health, by food entitlements in the search and development of related supervisory and evaluative techniques, analytics including the implementation of specific analyzes, as well as the development and the production of special measuring equipment and techniques. The main activity of research institute is to do research projects and the activities of commercial, implementation services, consulting and advisory activities.

DBH Technologies was formed by a team of scientists and engineers, who have extensive experience in the development of food technology and applications. For customers in in the food, beverage and food supplements industry they develop innovative formulations and products. At the same time, DBH invests in the development and production of its own processing technologies that changes the way people are receiving nutrients. Knowledge of these processing technologies and their applications enables DBH to quickly and efficiently implement the device for a particular industrial production. Within the Czech Hemp Cluster, DBH is involved in projects that increase the efficiency of hemp cultivation and food use.