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Hana Gabrielová

Hana Gabrielová is a 20 year veteran in the hemp and cannabis industry. Her career spans the gamut of policy, NGO and for-profit organizations. She has led advocacy and policy initiatives both in the EU and international arenas. When she’s not on a plane or a stage you can find her at Biofarm Sasov in the beautiful rolling hills of the Czech countryside, where her seed-to-shelf company Hempoint is headquartered. Hempoint grows and processes organic hemp and distributes a variety of hemp food products. They also offer consulting and distribute hemp seeds for farmers around the world. Hana uses Hempoint as a vehicle for her policy work with various non profit organizations including EIHA, FAAAT, KOPAC and IMCPC. Additionally Hana is working on the development of cannabis industry standards with ICCI on a project called Patient Focused Certification. She is a president of CzecHemp since June 2018.


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Vice President

Jan-Martin Paďouk

Although is Jan-Martin Paďouk by his former profession the director of an advertising company, he started to be interested in hemp due to a serious illness of his family member and confrontation with the temporary healing methods. Since 2010 he is active in gathering data concerning hemp growing under controlled conditions and pharmacological potential of the contained substances. Is a co-founder of NGO based to research alternative healing methods of serious onkological and neurological illnesses – Institute of Social Investigative Studies. Since 2016 leads a hemp pharmacology Human Application Research Program – HARP. He cooperates with many state- and private-based research facilities including academicals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Based on the achieved results Jan-Martin took part on development of many technological units and methodologies for hemp growing and pharmacological processing. He is the Vice President of CzecHemp since June 2018.

Board Member

Pavel Kubů

Pavel Kubů MD is the expert in the medical informatics and adictology. 2001 graduated in general medicine with a focus on diseases prevention and public health at Charles University in Prague, 3rd Medical Faculty. Between 2005 and 2015 has worked for Intel Corporation as the Business Development Manager. He was leading projects of Intel World Ahead Program for Healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe and Education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2006 appointed as chairman of the Ethical Commission at the Czech National Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Abuse. This government agency is among others responsible for evaluation of ethical conditions and human rights compliance in all R&D adictology projects requesting public fundings. Serves since 2007 as the board member of the Czech National Forum for eHealth, between 2012 and 2015 as the steering comittee member of Czech Healthcare Forum and from 2013 as the board member of medical cannabis patient organization KOPAC. In March 2015 became founding member of International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition. He is primarily devoted to education of healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers and support of research and development of new treatment and preventive methods in these nonprofit NGOs. Since 2011 leads medical strategy implementation in co-founded company Elon. Company is focused on R&D of wearable plastic electronics with printed light for photodynamic treatment methods used in opthalmology, dermatology, neonatology, mental health, onkology and surgery. December 2015 founded with colleagues International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute and become Chief Executive Officer of research and innovation hub focused on clinical knowledge, services and tools development for new treatment methods implementation to clinical practise using whole-plant medical cannabis in combination with personalized medicine tools and integrated care methods. Member of the CzecHemp Executive Board since June 2018.



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Board Member

Jan Bešík

An interesting fact is that Jan Bešík spent his childhood at the farmhouse in East Bohemia in the former hemp decorticating facility building. His positive attitude to hemp last therefore from an early age to this day. He studied economy and trade in Prague and since 1991 worked within the family company. Since the millennium beginning he interests in the hemp construction. Jan Bešík introduced the HempCrete as the pillar of bio-construction in the Czech Republic. Used the HempCrete technology to reconstruct the house in Lusatian Mountains where he lives. His company Mabeko (est. 2003) was one of the first Czech distributors of hemp isolation and construction materials. He lectures and promotes bio-construction. The CzecHemp Executive Board member since June 2018.



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Board Member

Miloš Beran

Ing. Miloš Beran graduated at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague in the field of food chemistry. He binded his professional life with The Food Research Institute Prague where he has been operating continuously since 1985. He focuses on research in the fields of biotechnology, fermentation, enzymology, separation, analytical chemistry and nanotechnology. Coordinator and senior researcher in number of projects, co author of scientific publications, author of more than 60 utility models and 16 patents. In recent Years is interested in the technology using hemp for food. In June 2019 was Miloš Beran elected CzecHemp’ Executive Board member.